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Menta is a graphic design studio that celebrates
simplicity with a sip of nostalgia.


Founded in 2008, Menta looks for inspiration in past decades and present times, to create meaningful brand identities that balance classic & contemporary aesthetics.


Through clear concept definition and careful craftswomanship, we are passionate about the work we do for natural and ethically produced goods, with an ever-present focus on quality.


Based in Guadalajara, aka La Perla de Occidente, Mexico.


We think


Sketch twice, design once
Our process is simple. Listen. Research. Understand. Sketch. Design. Intuition as a lantern always lit leading the way through the creative process.


A sip of nostalgia
Inspired by everything from vintage ephemera, forgotten type specimens to contemporary design, we distill these inputs to create brand identities that celebrate modern times with a wink to other eras.


Timeless is Beautiful
We collaborate with purposeful people and projects, to develop compelling brand identities that transcend trends.


Sophisticated simplicity
We value handmade luxury and carefully crafted print, anchored in fine details.


Boutique service
Feel as if you were entering a high end boutique from any city in the world. We are a talented team of five designers, working with small businesses and international companies.




We do

Logo Design
Identity Systems
Brand Guidelines


Stationery System
Print & Production
Product Packaging


Menta, mint in spanish. Subtle herb, mighty taste.