Casa Selva

Casa Selva



Identity, Packaging 

Casa Selva is a skincare line that started out of a love story, inspired by magic Tulum and its lush jungle botanicals. Honest & Clean beauty made with pure ingredients, to elevate the daily ritual of self-care.


We designed a bespoke logotype where air and open space play graciously around each letter. Typography plays a leading role, to set a system that prioritizes honesty and effortless reading. A set of the 3 most important icons complete the look & feel of the brand. We redesigned a symbol that features a sophisticated palm tree for Casa Selva, which is also a monogram that is used in selected pieces.


Packaging has a detail of surprise when opening each box, with a fine line jungle pattern. Finally, all these elements come together into a wrapping paper that elevates the brand’s voice into a new phase.


Casa Selva, elevate your ritual with ease.

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