Oriana Rodríguez

Oriana Rodríguez



Identity, Collaterals

Oriana Rodríguez is a Mexican designer that combines traditional leather craftwork, with some touches of Wixárika artisanal embroidery and a French savoir-faire. Her creations use geometry and bold designs, to dress up or dress down, as the day unwinds. A signature piece for any look.


The bespoke letterforms reflect the brand’s thoughtful attention to detail and timeless simplicity. We created a monogram that highlights craftsmanship and quality. A typographic combination of sans serif fonts balances old-world sensibilities with a modern take. The color palette is minimal, so products can shine through and be relevant. The use of materials such as a beeswax seal on the envelope, cotton paper, and blind embossing, create a tactile stationery that elevates the shopping experience.


Oriana Rodríguez — Savoir Faire hecho en México.

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