Glow Flow Chefs

Glow Flow Chefs



Identity, Packaging 
United States

Founded by sisters Amy and Emily, Health & Wellness coaches, Glow Flow Chefs is a line of instant blends of the finest ingredients, superfoods and adaptogens that make creamy, delicious beverages, as a basic way to energize body and mind.


Glow Flow Chefs is also an online platform that offers advice and carefully crafted products to enhance life and serve as a kind reminder that we all have the power to regain confidence, find purpose, and become a magnet for abundance and love.


We developed the identity system and packaging, making emphasis on the icon that reflects a person with open arms, surrounded by an infinity symbol. A color palette and iconography code for each flavor. Details in gold foil for the logotype, as a detail of luxe.


Glow Flow Chefs. Mindful life, balanced body.

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