Naming, Identity, Packaging 

Ápice creates beautiful handmade home accessories, inspired by Mexican traditional handcraft, with a wink to Nordic design. A curated collection of functional pieces that stand the test of time, while bringing a fresh breath of simplicity to any space.


We created the brand name, Ápice. Apex in Spanish is not only the high point but also the smallest part of something, and the punctuation detail of a letter. Ápice was the perfect portrayal of a thoughtful brand that takes care of all the fine details.


The logotype depicts a sense of natural space. The symbol is the maximum synthesis of letter A with the wordmark’s accent. The gold foil accents bring a warm and sophisticated touch throughout the stationery set. Finally, we created a series of hand-drawn illustrations, to complement the idea of taking to a home interior, something from the outdoor.


100% artisan homewares for a Mexican Hyyge experience.

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