Spice Tree Organics



United States

A delicious spice blend brand that creates mouth-watering meals in minutes. Started by two health-conscious, New York moms with a passion for bold flavor and global cuisine, Spice Tree Organics offers 21 handcrafted spice blends spanning 8 regions of the earth. Handcrafted in small batches with the best quality ingredients. No additives, no salt, no GMOs.

We created the complete branding and label system for the range of blends. The brand symbol depicts the idea of a tree rooted in a bowl that resembles a mortar to grind the spices. Each blend required deep research of cultural icons that we could translate into a bespoke pattern. We drew inspiration from traditional patterns, iconic elements, flags, and fabrics, to communicate the region with a fresh take. The color palette is vibrant and inspired by Middle East roots, with a sophisticated touch.


Spice Tree Organics, Taste the World

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