Once : Once



Identity, Packaging

Once : Once — a certified sustainable palo santo brand, based in Guadalajara, Mexico. The purpose of the founders is to offer a medium to feel more aligned to one’s self, to carve a little ritual that sets an intention. To clear the mind and space. Inspired by numerology and how 11:11 is a subtle reminder, a wish, Once Once believes we can create our own synchronicity and spiritual presence.


Two versions of the brand were created, one typographic and an alternative numeric expression. A red symbol depicts the palo santo with an elegant and sensuous flare that also represents the soul. The idea behind the packaging was to create an anticipated experience and a muted keepsake that you would want to place at home. Botanical illustrations of the palo santo tree and its life phases, reinforce the idea that it’s a sustainable and certified product. We designed all the branding assets and packaging for an elevated experience and emotional connection.


Once : Once, enciende un ritual cotidiano

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