Noble Cacao




Noble Cacao, a Bean to Bar brand that uses native original beans from the finest cacao harvests cultivated in Mexico, with artisan artful techniques. 


Noble Cacao was first conceived with the idea of creating a genuinely gourmet Mexican chocolate. After visiting the cacao plantations in Southeast Mexico, Noble’s founder, Irma, was surrounded by the aromas of pineapple, banana, mango, flowers and precious woods. The murmurs of a living earth and the multicolored beauty of the cacao pods filled her with joy. Cacao had embraced her in absolute magic.


From that inspirational moment, Noble Cacao has worked to learn the secrets of how to craft the finest chocolate that honors the unique notes and taste of each hand-selected cacao grown in our incredible rainforests. 


The new packaging is a reflection of the flavor intensity, unique notes, and lush origin, through the use of color cotton papers and hot stamping details. A minimal typographic approach, lets the chocolate bar be itself and breathe the finesse of the product per se. Typographic selection depicts a subtle Hacienda nostalgia.


Single Origin & Blend Series create together a sensorial map of Mexican cacao.

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