Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging
United States

Aromas have the power to transform our mood and help us pursue a healthier lifestyle and mental balance. Looshi is an eco-luxe company that crafts all—natural, ethically sourced incenses, inspired by Indian lush aromas. The brand’s inspiration is to look for new ways to enjoy our homes to the fullest in a resignified space, inspiring self—care and mindfulness.

Handcrafted in small batches using traditional Indian methods that have been passed down through generations, each incense is responsibly and lovingly hand-rolled by women in Karnakata, India, using naturally derived ingredients. Looshi incense is made with natural, sustainable ingredients, locally sourced from tropical forests in India.

We designed a logo that features a light and airy look and feel, through a sophisticated stenciled word mark to highlight the idea of space. A bespoke graphic system was created to communicate the 5 main ingredients found in each incense, along with a set of illustrations per aroma. Each product packaging is unique through the use of color, embossed shapes and custom illustrations per scent. Naming, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging.


Looshi, Resignify your space, inhabit fully.

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