Botica del Campo



Naming, Identity, Packaging

Botica del Campo rescues the traditional use of Mexican healing plants, into a collection of humble yet powerful remedies, that improve our well-being. By using Nature’s gifts and ancestral knowledge, the brand’s curated collection aims to improve our health with no side effects.


The wordmark and tagline combined, create an understated simplicity with subtle charm. A vibrant color palette is a nod to the diversity of flowers, stems, and leaves found in the product range. We designed custom shapes and die-cut labels for each SKU, so it would be quick to identify each one at first glance, while also drawing inspiration from vintage pharmacies, where each label had a unique typographic composition.


A set of illustrations play with hands and botanicals, highlighting the brand’s storytelling about the wisdom of women passed along through generations. A single letter representing each product was embossed directly on top of its benefits, to create a tactile experience across the packaging suite. We created Naming, Brand Identity, and Packaging.


Botica del Campo. Apotecaria Mexicana, Bienestar Natural.

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